Shan Zha Ye, Folium Crataegi, Howthorn Leaf

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Shan Zha Ye, Folium Crataegi, Howthorn Leaf

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TCM Details:
Common Name: Howthorn Leaf
Chinese Name: Shan Zha Ye 山楂叶(KDRQ)
Latin Name: Folium Crataegi
Other Name: Crataegus Pinnatifida, 山里果、山里红、酸里红、山里红果、酸枣、红果、红果子、山林果
Origin: Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei Province, China
Package: Bag
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

More About This TCM (In English):
Sour, neutral; lung meridian entered.

Activate blood and dissipate stasis, regulate qi, dredge meridians, reduce lipid.

Dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, amnesia, hyperlipemia, angina pectoris, choking sensation in chest, qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Dosage and Administrations
Decoct 3~10 g or make tea. Proper dosage is for external application, decocted for washing.

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):
  山楂叶,为蔷薇科植物山里红Crataegus pinnatifida Bge.var.major N.E.Br.或山楂Grataegus pinnati fida Bge.的干燥叶。夏、秋二季采收,晾干。

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