Alternanthera Philoxeroides, Alligator Weed Seed, Kongxin Lianzi Cao

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Alternanthera Philoxeroides, Alligator Weed Seed, Kongxin Lianzi Cao

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Alternanthera Philoxeroides < 空心莲子草 Kong Xin Lian Zi Cao >
Common Name: Alligator Weed, Emergent Aquatic 
Family: Amaranthaceae
Binomial name: Alternanthera Philoxeroides

Alternanthera philoxeroides can thrive in both dry and aquatic environments and is characterized by whitish, papery flowers along its short stalks, irregular, or sprawling hollow stems, and simple and opposite leave pattern sprouting from its nodes. The species is dioecious. It is also considered a herbaceous plant due to its short-lived shoot system. It produces horizontal stems, otherwise known as stolons, that can sprout up to 10 m in length and thanks to its hollow stems, floats easily. This results in large clusters of stem to amass and create dense mats along the surface. The plant flowers from December to April and usually grows around 13 mm in diameter and tend to be papery and ball-shaped. The weed's intricate root system can either allow them to hang free in the water to absorb nutrients or directly penetrate the soil/sediment and pull their nutrients from below.

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