Hemarthria Altissima, Swamp Couch Limpo Grass Seed, Da Niu Bian Cao

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Hemarthria Altissima, Swamp Couch Limpo Grass Seed, Da Niu Bian Cao

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Hemarthria Altissima < 大牛鞭草 Da Niu Bian Cao >
Common Name: Swamp Couch, Limpo Grass, Red Vlei, Limpograss, Halt Grass, Red Vleigrass, Batavian Quick Grass, Red Vlei Grass, Couch, Couch Grass, Swamp Couch, Swamp Couch Grass, Red Swamp Grass
Family: Poaceae
Binomial name: Hemarthria Altissima

Limpo grass is a perennial creeping grass that generally has a distinctive rust red colour during the dry season. It is a warm season grass (Newman et al., 2009a). It forms a dense mat because of its long spreading stolons rooting from the lower nodes. The culms, which are generally decumbent at first and then ascending, may reach 30 to 150 cm. They are generally branched and support green, smooth, glabrous, blade-shaped, folded leaves. When the leaf blades dry, they twist in corkscrew fashion. The inflorescence is a solitary raceme at the apex of the culm and its branches. Racemes are spike-like, 5-12 cm long and 2-3 mm wide. Hemarthria altissima is a poor seed producer, mainly propagated by cuttings planted in wet soils. Once planted, it readily spreads by creeping rhizomes and culms rooting at the lower nodes.

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