Umbellate Hydrangea, Strigose Hydrangea Seed, Tian Cha

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Umbellate Hydrangea, Strigose Hydrangea Seed, Tian Cha

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Umbellate Hydrangea < 甜茶 Tian Cha >
Common Name: Strigose Hydrangea

Family: Rosaceae
Binomial name: Umbellate Hydrangea

Subshrubs, shrubs, or small trees, erect or climbing, deciduous or evergreen. Branchlets, leaves, and inflorescences variously hairy. Leaves opposite, rarely verticillate, exstipulate; leaf blade simple, margin entire, serrate, or rarely pinnately lobed. Inflorescence terminal, occasionally axillary, a corymbose cyme, umbellate cyme, or thyrse; bracts deciduous. Flowers fertile or sterile. Sterile flowers few (more numerous in cultivated varieties), sometimes absent, borne at margin of inflorescence, with sepals 2 or 5, petaloid, and enlarged. Fertile flowers usually very numerous, bisexual, small; pedicel short. Calyx tube adnate to ovary, 4- or 5-dentate, persistent. Corolla lobes 4 or 5, free, rarely connate and forming a calyptra, ovate or spatulate, valvate. Stamens (8 or)10(or 25), inserted on disc; filaments linear; anthers oblong to subglobose, apex subrounded to obtuse. Ovary inferior to 2/3 superior, imperfectly or perfectly 2-4(or 5)-loculed; placentation parietal or axile; ovules numerous. Styles 2-4(or 5), free or basally connate, persistent; stigmas terminal or decurrent along style adaxially.

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