Shi Gao, Gypsum, Gypsum Fibrosum, Soft Sulfate Mineral

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Shi Gao, Gypsum, Gypsum Fibrosum, Soft Sulfate Mineral

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TCM Details:
Common Name: Gypsum
Chinese Name: Shi Gao 石膏, Sheng Shi Gao 生石膏
Latin Name: Gypsum Fibrosum
Other Name: 细石、细理石、软石膏、寒水石、白虎、玉大石、冰石
Origin: Hubei, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Xinjiang Province, China
Package: Bag
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

More About This TCM (In English):
Pungent and sweet; lung and stomach meridians entered.

Clear heat and purge fire (clear the excess heat at qi system and clear the excess heat of lung and stomach). The calcined one is externally used for drying dampness and healing the sores.

A. Excess heat syndrome at qi system of warm diseases
Being extremely cold in nature with the actions of clearing the excess heat at qi system, it namely expels the exterior heat and purge the interior fire of lung and stomach, and is specially good at clearing pathogenic heat and inhabiting hyperactivity of yang.

B. Dyspnea and cough due to lung-heat
For severe dyspnea cases caused by heat accumulating in the lung, it is combined with dyspnea-relieving herbs for its action of relieving dyspnea is respectively weak.

C. Flaring up of stomach fire
For gum red, swollen and painful, or gum bleeding, even rancid canker with smelly breathing, or sore mouth, pain in the face or headache, sore throat, thirst caused by the accumulated heat going up along the meridian, it is combined with stomach-clearing, toxicity-removing, and sore-throat-relieving herbs.

D. Unhealing sores, eczema and burns
When the calcined Shi Gao is externally used, it is good for healing the sores by drying the dampness, decreasing the secretion and promoting the wounds healing and indicated for constant unhealing sores, eczema and burns.

Dosage and Administrations
Smash priorly, decoct 15~60 g. If orally taken, the crude one is advisable. The calcined one in powder is suitable for external use.

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):

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