Caryota Ochlandra, Chinese Fishtail Palm Seed, Yu Wei Kui

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Caryota Ochlandra, Chinese Fishtail Palm Seed, Yu Wei Kui

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Caryota Ochlandra < 鱼尾葵 Yu Wei Kui >
Common Name: Chinese Fishtail Palm

Family: Arecaceae
Binomial name: Caryota Ochlandra

Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 13,21-25; Frost Tolerance: The most cold resistant of the fishtail palms, 24 ° F (-4 ° C) when mature, young plants are more cold sensitive; Heat Tolerance: Shade to part shade in the low deserts; Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade; Origin: Southern China (Canton); Growth Habits: Solitary palm, up to 25 feet tall (7.5 m); bipinnate leaves with light green leaflets; Watering Needs: Regular water, keep soil moist, needs good drainage; Propagation: Seeds; Blooming Habits: Greenish flowers, on elongate inflorescences, up to 9 feet long (2.7 m), appearing first at the highest leaf level and then keep appearing lower. The tree dies when it finishes blooming; Fruiting Habits: The red fruits, 0.1 inch in diameter (2.5 cm), contain oxalic acid, and are toxic if ingested, they also need to be handled with care since the juice can burn the skin. They contain 1 or 2 dull gray seeds.

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