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Amaranthus Mangostanus, Red Amaranth Seed, Hong Xiancai

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Buy Vegetable Seeds Amaranthus Mangostanus, Red Amaranth Seed, Bonsai Plants Hong Xiancai. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>

Amaranthus Mangostanus < 红苋菜 Hong Xian Cai >
Common Name: Red Amaranth, Edible Amaranth, Amaranthus Tricolor

Family: Amaranthaceae
Binomial name: Amaranthus Mangostanus

Amaranth is an upright, moderately tall, broad leafed, annual plant. There is a number of different species of amaranth and a huge number of varieties within those species. Amaranth comes in all sizes, shapes and colours. The leaves can be round or lance shaped, five to fifteen cm long or more, light green, dark green, reddish or variegated. Seeds maybe white, yellow, pink or black. Flowers can be huge tassles or tiny globes, red, pink, yellow or cream ... Amaranth is related to a common weed you probably know, pigweed. Or rather, the pigweeds (there are different kinds) are amaranth species. The weedy amaranth types are also edible and taste much like the cultivated varieties. They just don't grow as large and leafy, or produce as many grains, or look half as good in the garden. Some cultivated amaranth varieties grow to two metres or six feet tall and individual plants that landed in a great spot with no competition may grow even taller.

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