Amaranthus Tricolor, Tandalja Bhaji Seed, Tandaljo Callaloo Yanlai Hong

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Amaranthus Tricolor, Tandalja Bhaji Seed, Tandaljo Callaloo Yanlai Hong

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Amaranthus Tricolor < 雁来红 Yan Lai Hong >
Common Name: Tandalja Bhaji, Tandaljo Callaloo, Joseph's Coat, Edible Amaranth, Elephant-head Amaranth

Family: Amaranthaceae
Binomial name: Amaranthus Tricolor

Joseph's coat performs best in sun and well-drained soil. It is best sown in place after the soil warms, but can also be started earlier in a warm greenhouse. Mature plants are drought tolerant but grow and flower better if watered during dry spells. This annual thrives in subtropical and tropical regions. Its jaunty leaves lend a bright tropical look to containers and borders. They also make a colorful garnish for salads. Amaranthus tricolor is an ornamental plant known as Tandaljo or Tandalja bhaji in India, callaloo in the Caribbean and Joseph's coat after the Biblical figure Joseph, who is said to have worn a coat of many colors. Although it is native to South America, many varieties of amaranth can be found across the world in a myriad of different climates due to it being a C4 carbon fixation plant, which allows it to convert carbon dioxide into biomass at an extremely efficient rate when compared to other plants. Cultivars have striking yellow, red and green foliage.

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