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Amorpha Fruticosa, Desert False Indigo Seed, Zi Sui Huai

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Buy Flower Seeds Amorpha Fruticosa, Desert False Indigo Seed, Bonsai Plants False Indigo-bush Zi Sui Huai. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>

Amorpha Fruticosa < 紫穗槐 Zi Sui Huai >
Common Name: Desert False Indigo, False Indigo-bush, Bastard Indigobush

Family: Fabaceae
Binomial name: Amorpha Fruticosa

Amorpha fruticosa is a species of flowering plant in the legume family (Fabaceae) known by several common names, including desert false indigo, false indigo-bush, and bastard indigobush. It is found wild in most of the contiguous United States, southeastern Canada, and northern Mexico, but it is probably naturalized in the northeastern and northwestern portion of its current range. The species is also present as an introduced species in Europe, Asia, and other continents. It is often cultivated as an ornamental plant, and some wild populations may be descended from garden escapees. Indigobush (Amorpha fruticosa) is a shrub that can grow as tall as 20 ft. high and its width is typically twice its height. The branches are firm and woody and the twigs are green and hairy. The leaves have 13 to 25 leaflets each. The leaflets are 1 to 2 inches long, resinous, dotted and hairy. The flowers are terminal on the branches in erect racemes. The fruit is about 1/4 inch long, curved, with resinous dots and contains two seeds each.

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