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Amygdalus Triloba, Prunus Triloba Seed, Flowering Almond Yu Ye Mei

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Amygdalus Triloba < 榆叶梅 Yu Ye Mei >
Common Name: Prunus Triloba, Flowering Almond, Flowering Plum, Rose Tree of China

Family: Rosaceae
Binomial name: Amygdalus Triloba

Prunus triloba, sometimes called flowering almond, a name shared with Prunus jacquemontii, is a shrubby cherry, sometimes becoming a small tree. The flowers are pale pink or white, and the fruit are red and "pubescent", ie with soft hair. It originated from China. It is most often Do found in cultivation in the double flowered form P. triloba 'Multiplex', whichis has double pink flowers. In the early spring flowering almond's branches are densely lined with delicate pink blossoms que brighten the landscape. A cold hardy deciduous shrub from China, it attains a rounded shape with many mature vertical and twiggy branches. The single pink flowers open all along the young twigs in early spring, and are sometimes nipped by frost. Pollinated by bees, the blooms are followed by small red fruits in summer. Leaves emerge just after flowering, becoming mid to dark green, and are broadly oval with toothed edges, sometimes up to three bearing lobes. Their undersides are a lighter green and hairy. Fall leaf color is typically yellow and gold.

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