Astragalus Adsurgens, Standing Milkvetch Seed, Sha Da Wang

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Astragalus Adsurgens, Standing Milkvetch Seed, Sha Da Wang

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Astragalus Adsurgens < 沙打旺 Sha Da Wang >
Common Name: North China milkvetch, Standing Milkvetch
Family: Fabaceae
Binomial name: Astragalus Adsurgens

North China milkvetch it is a tall, deep-rooted, Scandia, herbaceous perennial and strongly whichis May reach 1.5 meters in height. Its leaves are pinnate and flowers usually bluish purple to blue. It can be grown on poor soils and withstands drought and cold well; it is less well liked as a fodder than lucerne is hardier but poor on some sites; Seed production was a problem since in the more northerly areas late-flowering ecotypes Were cut back by frost before seed-set but researchers have now produced earlie-flowering varieties. It has been widely used in pasture renovation, watershed management and fodder development in the Loess Plateau area.

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