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Brassica Juncea, Curled-leaf Mustard Seed, Curled Mustard Xuelihong

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Brassica Juncea < 雪里蕻 Xue Li Hong >
Common Name: Curled-leaf Mustard, Curled Mustard, Brown Mustard, Chinese Mustard, Indian Mustard, Leaf Mustard, Oriental Mustard, Vegetable Mustard

Family: Brassicaceae
Binomial name: Brassica Juncea

Brassica juncea, commonly brown mustard, Chinese mustard, Indian mustard, leaf mustard, Oriental mustard and vegetable mustard, is a species of mustard plant. One subvariety is southern giant curled mustard, which resembles a headless cabbage such as kale, but with a distinct horseradish or mustard flavor. It is also known as green mustard cabbage. Brassica juncea adds fresh flavor to salad mixes. Add a little spice and flavor to your salad garden with Brassica juncea, also known as mustard. The leaves have a spicy, fresh flavor that gives a zesty touch to fresh salads, wilted greens dishes and light stir fries. Plant this cool-season annual in fall, winter and early spring, and harvest continuously during the cool months. In summer, when the temperatures heat up, Brassica juncea plants bolt and go to seed, making them tough and not suitable for harvest. Look for cultivars like Red Giant, Osaka Purple or Southern Giant Curled for a little variety in the garden and on the plant.

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