Camellia Chekiangoleosa, Camellia Sinensis Seed, Zhe Jiang Shan Cha

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Camellia Chekiangoleosa, Camellia Sinensis Seed, Zhe Jiang Shan Cha

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Camellia Chekiangoleosa < 浙江山茶 Zhe Jiang Shan Cha >
Common Name: Camellia Sinensis, Tea Flower

Family: Theaceae
Binomial name: Camellia Chekiangoleosa

Shrubs or trees, 3-8 m tall Year-old branchlets grayish white;. Current year branchlets reddish brown, glabrous Petiole 1-1.5 cm, glabrous; leaf blade elliptic to oblong-elliptic, 7-13 × 3-6 cm, leathery to thickly leathery, abaxially pale green to yellowish green, adaxially green, shiny, and becoming yellowish green when dry, both surfaces glabrous, midvein abaxially elevated and adaxially level or slightly raised, secondary veins 7 or 8 on each side of midvein and slightly raised on both surfaces, base cuneate to broadly cuneate, margin serrulate, apex acute to acuminate Flowers solitary or paired, subterminal or axillary, 7-10 cm in diam, subsessile Bracteoles and sepals 9-11, brown at anthesis;... outer 4 bracteoles and sepals semiorbicular, 4-8 mm; inner 5 or 6 bracteoles and sepals ± persistent in young fruit, orbicular, 2-2.5 cm in diam, outside silvery gray villous, inside silvery sericeous, margin membranous Petals 6-8.. , roseate or rarely white, broadly obovate, 4-6 × 3-4.5 cm, apex emarginate;. inner petals basally connate for 5-8 mm Stamens 2.5-3 cm, glabrous; outer filament whorl basally connate for 5-10 mm.

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