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Canna Indica, Indian Shot Seed, African Arrowroot Meirenjiao

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Canna Indica < 美人蕉 Mei Ren Jiao >
Common Name: Indian Shot, African Arrowroot, Edible Canna, Purple Arrowroot, Sierra Leone Arrowroot, Saka Siri, Canna, Bandera, Chancle, Coyol, Platanillo, Canna Lily

Family: Cannaceae
Binomial name: Canna Indica

Canna indica, commonly known as Indian shot, African arrowroot, edible canna, purple arrowroot, Sierra Leone arrowroot, is a plant species in the family Cannaceae. It is native to much of South America, Central America, the West Indies, Mexico, and the southeastern United States (Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina). It is also naturalized in much of Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Canna indica is a perennial growing to between 0.5 m and 2.5 m, depending on the variety. It is hardy to zone 10 and is frost tender. The flowers are hermaphrodite. Canna indica sps. can be used for the treatment of industrial waste waters through constructed wetlands. It is effective for the removal of high organic load, color and chlorinated organic compounds from paper mill wastewater.

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