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Cassia Bakeriana, Pink Cassia Wishing Tree Seed, Hua Qi Mu

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Buy Tree Seeds Cassia Bakeriana, Pink Cassia Wishing Tree Seed, Bonsai Plants Pink Shower Tree Hua Qi Mu. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>

Cassia Bakeriana < 花旗木 Hua Qi Mu >
Common Name: Pink Cassia, Wishing Tree, Pink Shower Tree

Family: Fabaceae
Binomial name: Cassia Bakeriana

In delicate contrast to the vivid hues of our other spring flowering trees, the Pink Cassias, with their lovely cool shades of pinks, greens and white, are a beautiful and restful sight. No one could fail to be moved by the glory of a Cassia in full bloom when its long, sweeping branches are laden with blossom. Each of the five varieties has its own individual, almost indescribable charm. At a glance it is difficult to distinguish one from another but a little study reveals numerous characteristics. They quickly became popular and are now common in gardens and on roadsides. Few of them have names in any vernacular.

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