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Celosia Cristata, Chi Kuan Cockscomb Seed, Jiguan Hua

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Celosia Cristata < 鸡冠花 Ji Guan Hua >
Common Name: Cockscomb, Yellow Toreador, Red Cockscomb, Foxtail Amaranth, Crested Celosia, Fire-flame Bush, Woodfordia
Family: Amaranthaceae
Binomial name: Celosia Cristata

Celosia cristata is a member of the genus Celosia, and is commonly known as cockscomb, since the flower looks like the head on a rooster (cock). The plants are hardy and resistant to most diseases, and grow equally well indoors or out, though the perfect place is one with no shade and a well drained soil, as the plant is susceptible to fungal diseases.Their leaves and flowers can be used as vegetables. They grow well in both humid and arid conditions, and their flowers can last for up to 8 weeks. A high number of seeds can be produced by each flower, up to 43,000 per ounce. The plant often grows up to 1 foot in height, though many are smaller. The leaves are either green or bronze/maroon, depending upon the cultivar. The flower can be broken into three parts: their spikes, plumes and crests vary from one another but have standard commonalities - they are usually brightly colored, usually red, yellow, pink, or orange, though other colors can be present. In some instances, a variety of colors are present in hybrids.

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