Celtis Bungeana, Bunge's Hackberry Seed, Hei Dan Shu

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Celtis Bungeana, Bunge's Hackberry Seed, Hei Dan Shu

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Celtis Bungeana < 黑弹树 Hei Dan Shu >
Common Name: Bunge's Hackberry

Family: Cannabaceae
Binomial name: Celtis Bungeana

Trees, to 10 m tall, deciduous. Bark gray. Branchlets brown, glabrous, with scattered elliptic lenticels, grayish brown on following year. Winter buds brown, 1-3 mm, glabrous. Petiole 0.5-1.5 cm, pale yellow or brown, sometimes pubescent when young, adaxial furrow broad; leaf blade narrowly ovate, oblong, or ovate, 3-7 (-15) × 2-4 (-5) cm, thickly papery, glabrous except for tufts of hairs abaxially in axils of main veins and occasional hairs scattered on veins, base broadly cuneate to ± rounded and slightly oblique or not, margin irregularly shallowly serrate on apical half, sometimes entire, teeth 0-10 (-15) on each side, apex acute to acuminate; secondary veins 2 or 3 on each side of midvein Style branches linear, undivided Infructescence solitary, slender, glabrous, 1-2.5 cm;.. fruiting pedicel 1.7-4 × as long as subtending petiole Drupe 1 or 2 per infructescence, blackish blue when mature. , ± globose, 6-8 mm in diam. Stone ± globose, 4-5 mm in diam., nearly smooth, inconspicuously ribbed. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Oct-Nov.

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