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Celtis Julianae, Julian Hackberry Seed, Shan Hu Po

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Celtis Julianae < 珊瑚朴 Shan Hu Po >
Common Name: Julian Hackberry

Family: Ulmaceae
Binomial name: Celtis Julianae

The trees prefer a sunny to half-shady situation on fresh to moist soil. The substrate should be sandy loam. Trees, to 30 m tall, deciduous Bark gray Branchlets dark brown, densely brownish yellow pubescent, rarely glabrous Winter buds brown, 1-4 mm; scales at least inner ones brownish red hispid with appressed, parallel hairs Petiole 0.7-. 1.5 cm, robust, densely golden pubescent, adaxially with a deep and narrow furrow; leaf blade broadly ovate to narrowly ovate-elliptic, 6-13 × 3.5-8 cm, thickly papery, abaxially densely golden pubescent or rarely so only on veins, adaxially smooth or scabrous, base ± rounded and slightly oblique, margin finely toothed above middle to rarely subentire, teeth 13-23 on each side and less than 1 mm, apex shortly acuminate to caudate-acuminate; secondary veins 4-6 on each side of midvein. Flowers densely fascicled. Style branches linear, undivided.

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