Cerasus Humilis, Prunus Humilis Seed, Chinese Dwarf Cherry Ou Li

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Cerasus Humilis, Prunus Humilis Seed, Chinese Dwarf Cherry Ou Li

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Cerasus Humilis < 欧李 Ou Li >
Common Name: Prunus Humilis, Chinese Dwarf Cherry

Family: Rosaceae
Binomial name: Cerasus Humilis

Shrubs 0.4–1.5 m tall. Branchlets grayish brown, pubescent. Winter buds ovoid, sparsely pubescent to subglabrous. Stipules linear, 5–6 mm, margin glandular. Petiole 2–4 mm, glabrous or sparsely pubescent; leaf blade narrowly obovate-elliptic to obovate-oblanceolate, 2.5–5 × 1–2 cm, abaxially pale green and glabrous or sparsely pubescent, adaxially dark green and glabrous, base cuneate, margin serrate or biserrate, apex acute to shortly acuminate; secondary veins 6–8 on either side of midvein. Flowers solitary or to 3 in a fascicle, opening at same time as leaves. Pedicel 5–10 mm, sparsely pubescent. Hypanthium campanulate, ca. 3 × 3 mm, outside pilose. Sepals triangular-ovate, apex acute to obtuse. Petals pink or white, oblong to obovate. Stamens 30–35. Style nearly as long as stamens, glabrous. Drupe red to purplish red, subglobose, 1.5–1.8 cm in diam.; endocarp sides sparsely ribbed. Fl. Apr–May, fr. Jun–Oct.

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