Cotoneaster Multiflora, China Cotoneaster Seed, Shui Xun Zi

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Cotoneaster Multiflora, China Cotoneaster Seed, Shui Xun Zi

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Cotoneaster Multiflora < 水栒子 Shui Xun Zi >
Common Name: China Cotoneaster

Family: Rosaceae
Binomial name: Cotoneaster Multiflora

Shrub to 3.5 m tall, to 4.5 m wide Leaves: alternate, stalked, bluish green above, 2 - 5 cm long, egg-shaped with a rounded or pointed tip and rounded to broad wedge-shaped base, hairy beneath when young Flowers. : borne three to twelve or more in a nearly flat-topped cluster (corymb), white, 1 - 1.2 cm across, with a hairless calyx The scent is somewhat unpleasant Fruit: berry-like, red, 8 mm across, nearly.. spherical to inversely egg-shaped, containing one or two tiny nuts Twigs:. changing from purplish to reddish green to gray with age, hairy when young Branches are slender and arching Buds:.. brownish gray, very small, with outer scales slightly separating to expose a hairy inside.

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