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Davidia Involucrata, Handkerchief Tree Seed, Dove Tree Gong Tong

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Davidia Involucrata < 珙桐 Gong Tong >
Common Name: Handkerchief Tree, Dove Tree, Pocket Handkerchief Tree, Ghost Tree
Family: Nyssaceae
Binomial name: Davidia Involucrata

Davidia involucrata, the dove-tree, handkerchief tree, pocket handkerchief tree, or ghost tree, is a medium-sized deciduous tree in the family Nyssaceae. It was previously included with tupelos in the dogwood family, Cornaceae. It is native to South Central and Southwest China from Hubei to southern Gansu, south to Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunnan, but is widely cultivated elsewhere. It is a moderately fast-growing tree, growing to 20–25 m (66–82 ft) in height, with alternate cordate leaves resembling those of a linden in appearance, except that they are symmetrical, and lacking the lop-sided base typical of linden leaves; the leaves are mostly 10–20 cm long and 7–15 cm wide and are ovate to heart-shaped. Davidia involucrata is best known for its flowers. The Latin specific epithet involucrata means "with a ring of bracts surrounding several flowers". These form a tight cluster about 1–2 cm across, reddish in colour, each flower head with a pair of large (12–25 cm), pure white bracts at the base performing the function of petals. These hang in long rows beneath the level branches. The flowers are at their best in late May.

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The Davidia Involucrata, Handkerchief Tree Seed, Dove Tree Gong Tong is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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