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Dichondra Repens, Mercury Bay Weed Seed, Kidney Weed Mati Jin

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Dichondra Repens < 马蹄金 Ma Ti Jin >
Common Name: Mercury Bay Weed, Kidney Weed

Family: Convolvulaceae
Binomial name: Dichondra Repens

Dichondra (Dichondra Repens) - This is a perennial ground cover plant which has a prostrate or creeping growth habit with circular leaves and entire margins that is grown from Dichondra seed. It grows very close to the ground, (usually not over 2 inches tall) and is a warm season fast growing ground cover. It is adapted to warmer climates, but will retain its striking green color during winter temperatures as low as 20 - 25 degrees Farenheit with only slight leaf browning. Dichondra has broad, almost circular leaves (looks similar to clover) and when mowed low establishes a thick dense carpet look. Dichondra is now used in many ground cover situations where normal grasses may not do as well. It has a bright green color and a very good feel underfoot.

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