Eugenia Oliena, Syzygium Rehderianum Seed, Hong Zhi Pu Tao

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Eugenia Oliena, Syzygium Rehderianum Seed, Hong Zhi Pu Tao

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Eugenia Oliena < 红枝蒲桃 Hong Zhi Pu Tao >
Common Name: Syzygium Rehderianum, Fu Gui Hong

Family: Myrtaceae
Binomial name: Eugenia Oliena

Eugenia is a genus of flowering plants in the myrtle family Myrtaceae. It has a worldwide, although highly uneven, distribution in tropical and subtropical regions. The bulk of the approximately 1,000 species occur in the New World tropics, especially in the northern Andes, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Forest (coastal forests) of eastern Brazil. Other centers of diversity include New Caledonia and Madagascar. Many species new to science have been and are in the process of being described from these regions. For example, 37 new species of Eugenia have been described from Mesoamerica in the past few years. At least 20 new species are currently in the process of being described from New Caledonia, and approximately the same number of species new to science may occur in Madagascar. Despite the enormous ecological importance of the myrtle family in Australia (e.g. Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Angophora, Melaleuca, Callistemon, Rhodamnia, Gossia), only one species of Eugenia, E. reinwardtiana, occurs on that continent.

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