Ficus Microcarpa, Chinese Banyan Seed, Curtain Fig Xi Yerong

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Ficus Microcarpa, Chinese Banyan Seed, Curtain Fig Xi Yerong

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Ficus Microcarpa < 细叶榕 Xi Ye Rong >
Common Name: Chinese Banyan, Curtain Fig, Malayan Banyan, Indian Laurel, Gajumaru, The Pot Belly Fig, Ginseng Plant, Banyan Fig, Taiwan Ficus, Small-fruited Fig

Family: Moraceae
Binomial name: Ficus Microcarpa

Ficus microcarpa has deep green, elliptic shiny, smooth, 8cm (3 inch) long leaves on short, erect much-branching stems. It also bears small incredible fruit occasionally. Because this plant can withstand quite a lot of nipping out of shoots, it is often trained into specific shapes, such as standards and pyramids. The root system swells and stores water and nutrients to allow the plant to survive in harsh environments without food and water for long time, making it an excellent indoor plant. Roots will continue to swell as the plat gets older and with some training can be grown into amazing Bonsai.

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