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Firmiana Simplex, Chinese Parasol Tree Seed, Qingtong

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Firmiana Simplex < 青桐 Qing Tong >
Common Name: Chinese Parasol Tree, Chinese Parasoltree

Family: Malvaceae
Binomial name: Firmiana Simplex

Chinese parasol tree is a small to medium-sized upright deciduous tree with a rounded crown. It is native to China, Korea, Japan and southeast Asia. It was introduced into the U. S. in the 1850s, and has naturalized over time in the Southeast from Virginia to Florida and Texas as well as in California. It typically grows 30-45’ tall. It is perhaps best noted for its very large, palmately-veined, 3-5 lobed leaves (to 12” across) that are bright green above and pubescent below. Leaves turn an undistinguished yellow in fall. Mildly fragrant, star-shaped, yellowish-green flowers (to 3/4” wide) in long terminal panicles (to 12”) bloom mostly at the twig ends in early summer. Flowers give way to leathery capsules that split open when ripe (autumn) into 4 or 5 sections, each section containing 1 to 3 seeds. Smooth greenish bark on the young branches and trunk is somewhat unusual.

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