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Foeniculum Vulgare, Florence Fennel Seed, Finocchio Xiao Huixiang

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Foeniculum Vulgare < 小茴香 Xiao Hui Xiang >
Common Name: Florence Fennel, Finocchio, Herb Fennel, Green Fennel

Family: Apiaceae
Binomial name: Foeniculum Vulgare

The green garden fennel is a handsome and popular perennial, often planted on its own for impact or combined with bergamot in flower borders. With plenty of humus and water in dry weather, plants develop into magnificent clumps of airy feather foliage, crowned in late summer with large heads of tiny flowers. The seeds are as useful herbally as are the leaves, and may be left to ripen as a crop. Fennel grows erect with a thick root and stout stems. The leaves grow to 40 cm long and are finely dissected into fronds. The bright golden flowers, produced in large, flat terminal umbels, with from thirteen to twenty rays, are in bloom in July and August. Fennel will grow in most any soil, but the richer the soil, the more tender the foliage and the less aromatic the seed. It likes a well-drained, sheltered but sunny position. It is easily propagated by seeds. Seedlings do not transplant well, so it is better to sow directly in the garden in the late spring. Plant them 25 to 30cm (10 to 12in) apart and then thin them out as necessary. It grows a very deep taproot which is difficult to pull up, so remove unwanted seedlings while young.

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