Fructus Perilla, Beefsteak Plant Lv-su Seed, Korean Perilla Lv Su Zi

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Fructus Perilla, Beefsteak Plant Lv-su Seed, Korean Perilla Lv Su Zi

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Fructus Perilla < 绿苏子 Lv Su Zi >
Common Name: Beefsteak Plant, Perilla, Korean Perilla, Perilla Frutescens

Family: Lamiaceae
Binomial name: Fructus Perilla

Perilla frutescens, commonly called beefsteak plant, is an upright, bushy annual that is native from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia. It is related to coleus and basil. It has become a very popular foliage annual and salad herb plant. It grows to 1-3’ (less frequently to 4’) tall. Wrinkled, serrate, broad ovate, medium green leaves (to 4” long) are sometimes tinged with purple. Leaves are aromatic. Two-lipped nettle-like white flowers in spike-like inflorescences (to 4”) bloom at the stem tips in late summer and fall (August – October). Flowers are not particularly showy. This plant has escaped gardens and naturalized throughout many areas of the eastern and central U. S., including central and southern Missouri. Fresh leaves are used in Oriental cooking, salads, soups and as garnishes. Deep red leaves of some perilla varieties purportedly resemble the color of uncooked beef, hence the common name.

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