Giant Pumpkin, Cucurbita Moschata Seed, Huge Pumpkin Juxing Nangua

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Giant Pumpkin, Cucurbita Moschata Seed, Huge Pumpkin Juxing Nangua

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Buy Vegetable Seeds Giant Pumpkin, Cucurbita Moschata Seed, Huge Pumpkin Juxing Nangua. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>

Cucurbita Moschata  < 巨型南瓜 Ju Xing Nan Gua >
Common Name: Giant Pumpkin, Huge Pumpkin

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Binomial name: Cucurbita Moschata 

The world record for giant pumpkins is 2032 pounds, set by Tim Mathison of California in 2013. That's over one ton!! People who see these giant pumpkins, want to know "how do they grow them so big?" Growing pumpkins isn't difficult. Growing a big pumpkin, takes a bit of work and effort. Growing a giant pumpkin, weighing a ton or more.... now that takes a lot of effort, and requires a lot of knowledge. If you already grow pumpkins, you are off to a good start towards producing a monster this fall. As you enter the world of giant pumpkin growing, plan to spend much more time, to pamper and nurture your plants, to grow gigantic pumpkins at a phenomenal speed. Did you Know? At peak growth, record breaking giant pumpkins can grow 40-50 pounds a day, or more!

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