Glehnia Littoralis, American Silvertop Seed, Bei Sha Shen

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Glehnia Littoralis, American Silvertop Seed, Bei Sha Shen

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Glehnia Littoralis < 北沙参 Bei Sha Shen >
Common Name: American Silvertop, Beach Silvertop

Family: Apiaceae
Binomial name: Glehnia Littoralis

Glehnia littoralis (in the monotypic genus Glehnia) is a species of plant in the "carrot family", Apiaceae, known by several common names including beach silvertop and American silvertop in English, and bei sha shen and shan hu cai in Chinese. The genus was named after Russian botanist Peter von Glehn. It is native to eastern Asia, particularly eastern China, Japan, and far-eastern Russia, and western North America from Alaska to northern California. It is a long-taprooted plant forming a basal patch of leaves, with each leaf made up of several rounded, lobular segments. It reaches a maximum height exceeding half a meter and its erect stem is topped with an umbel of carrotlike white flowers.

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