Green Bitter Gourd, Momordica Charantia Seed, Lv Kugua

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Green Bitter Gourd, Momordica Charantia Seed, Lv Kugua

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Momordica Charantia < 绿苦瓜 Lv Ku Gua >
Common Name: Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd, Bitter Squash, Balsam-pear

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Binomial name: Momordica Charantia

This herbaceous, tendril-bearing vine grows up to 5 m (16 ft) in length. It bears simple, alternate leaves 4–12 cm (1.6–4.7 in) across, with three to seven deeply separated lobes. Each plant bears separate yellow male and female flowers. In the Northern Hemisphere, flowering occurs during June to July and fruiting during September to November. The fruit has a distinct warty exterior and an oblong shape. It is hollow in cross-section, with a relatively thin layer of flesh surrounding a central seed cavity filled with large, flat seeds and pith. The fruit is most often eaten green, or as it is beginning to turn yellow. At this stage, the fruit's flesh is crunchy and watery in texture, similar to cucumber, chayote or green bell pepper, but bitter. The skin is tender and edible. Seeds and pith appear white in unripe fruits; they are not intensely bitter and can be removed before cooking.

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