Hei Song Lu, Black Truffle, Tuber Spp, Tuber Melanosporum

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Hei Song Lu, Black Truffle, Tuber Spp, Tuber Melanosporum

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TCM Details:
Common Name: Perigord Truffle
Chinese Name: Hei Song Lu 黑松露(全熟片)
Latin Name: Tuber Melanosporum
Other Name: Tuber Spp, Black Truffle, French Black Truffle, Tuber Indicum, Tuber Aestivum, Tuber Brumale, 猪拱菌、无粮藤果、隔山撬、松露, 块菌
Origin: Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet Province, China
Package: Bag
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

More About This TCM (In English):
Tuber melanosporum, called the black truffle, Périgord truffle or French black truffle, is a species of truffle native to Southern Europe. It is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world.

The black truffle is morphologically very similar to the commercially less valuable Chinese truffle (Tuber indicum). To avoid fraud or misidentifications in commerce, a RFLP genetic test has been developed to distinguish the two species. Externally, they can be distinguished by their skin, which is smoother and dark red or dark brown in the Chinese truffle. Two other similar truffle species are the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) and the winter truffle (Tuber brumale), whose flesh is of a lighter color.

With a price of about 1,000 to 2,000 euros per kilogram, black truffles are the second most expensive truffles after white truffles, and one of the most sought after edible mushrooms in the world. In cooking, black truffles are used to refine the taste of meat, fish, soups and risotto. Unlike white truffles, the aroma of black truffles does not diminish when they are heated, but becomes more intense. In Spain, where black truffles have a strong prominence, one truffle dish is known as blanched eggs, or huevos escaldados in Spanish.

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):
  黑松露(拉丁名为Tuber melanosporum ,英文称为perigord truffle),也称块菌,是一种生长于地下的野生食用真菌,外表崎岖不平。具有独特的香味、口感和营养价值,人类食用块菌已有上千年的历史。在欧美等发达国家,块菌号称“黑色金刚石”,是野生菌的极品,它与鱼子酱、鹅肝酱同被称为三大珍品。

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