Helichrysum Bracteatum, Paper Daisy Seed, Strawflower Mai Gan Ju

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Helichrysum Bracteatum, Paper Daisy Seed, Strawflower Mai Gan Ju

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Helichrysum Bracteatum < 麦秆菊 Mai Gan Ju >
Common Name: Strawflower, Everlasting, Paper Daisy, Immortelle, Golden Everlasting, Xerochrysum Bracteatum
Family: Asteraceae
Binomial name: Helichrysum Bracteatum

Helichrysum bracteatum is the most well known and is probably the best of all the everlasting flowers. King Sized Formula Mixed is a special selection of large flowered, extra double strawflowers. The mixture is the best choice for professional growers, giving a superb array of brilliant colours, including fiery red, dark pink, rose, copper, gold, yellow and white. The daisy like-flowers, of papery texture and appearance reach up to 6.5 cm (2½in) wide. The plants are easy to cultivate and established plants grow well with little or no attention. Flowers bloom from mid-summer right up to frost. They prefer full sun and will do well in poor to average soils, and tolerate heat and drought conditions, they can survive light frosts. In the greenhouse, the plants will bloom non-stop from 10 weeks after sowing and will continue to flower until frost gets them in the landscape.

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