Heteropanax Fragrans, Panax Fragrans Seed, Huang San Feng

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Heteropanax Fragrans, Panax Fragrans Seed, Huang San Feng

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Heteropanax Fragrans < 幌伞枫 Huang San Feng >
Common Name: Panax Fragrans

Family: Araliaceae
Binomial name: Heteropanax Fragrans

Heteropanax is a genus of flowering plant of family Araliaceae. It comprises 8 species native to southern Asia and China. Trees, to 30 m tall Leaves 3-5-pinnately compound, 50-100 cm; petiole 15-450 cm, glabrous; leaflets opposite, subsessile or with petiolules to ca. 1 cm, elliptic to elliptic-ovate, (3- ) 5.5-13 × (1.5-) 3.5-6 cm, papery, both surfaces glabrous, lateral veins 6-10 pairs, distinct on both surfaces, base cuneate to rounded, margin entire, minutely revolute, apex shortly acuminate. Inflorescence densely ferruginous stellate tomentose, glabrescent; primary axis to 30 cm or more; secondary axes to 40 cm; peduncles to 9 cm;. umbels of bisexual flowers 2-2.5 cm in diam, umbels of male flowers 1-1.5 cm in diam .; pedicels 4 -8 mm, elongating in fruit Fruit ovoid-globose to oblate or slightly didymous, weakly compressed laterally, 5-7 × 3-5 mm at maturity, 2-3 mm thick;. styles persistent, ca. 2 mm; pedicels ca. 8 mm. Fl. Oct-Dec, fr. Feb-Apr. Hills, forests in valleys, or cultivated in gardens, near sea level to 1000 m. S Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, SE Yunnan [Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam].

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