Hibiscus Moscheutos, Rose Mallow Seed, Furong Kui

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Hibiscus Moscheutos, Rose Mallow Seed, Furong Kui

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Hibiscus Moscheutos < 芙蓉葵 Fu Rong Kui >
Common Name: Rose Mallow, Swamp Rose-mallow, Crimsoneyed Rosemallow, Eastern Rosemallow
Family: Malvaceae
Binomial name: Hibiscus Moscheutos

Hibiscus moscheutos (rose mallow, swamp rose-mallow, crimsoneyed rosemallow, eastern rosemallow) is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae. It is a cold-hardy perennial wetland plant that can grow in large colonies. The hirsute leaves are of variable morphology, but are commonly deltoidal in shape with up to three lobes. It is found in wetlands and along the riverine systems of the eastern United States from Texas to the Atlantic states, its territory extending northward to southern Ontario. There exist in nature numerous forms, and petal colors range from pure white to deep rose, and most have an eye of deep maroon. Taxonomic consensus is lacking for the nomenclature of the multiple subspecies. The flowers are borne apically, whereas the related Hibiscus laevis carries bud and bloom along the stem. This is a popular garden plant. It can be propagated by seed, or by crown divisions during winter dormancy, and some success can be achieved by hard-wood stem cuttings. In cultivation the species or the hybrids can be used in bog gardens or other water features. They are attractive and have wildlife value for nectar-feeders and birds.

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