Isatis Tinctoria, Glastum Woad Seed, Dyer's Woad Banlangen

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Isatis Tinctoria, Glastum Woad Seed, Dyer's Woad Banlangen

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Isatis Tinctoria < 板蓝根 Ban Lan Gen >
Common Name: Glastum, Woad, Dyer's Woad, Asp Of Jerusalem

Family: Brassicaceae
Binomial name: Isatis Tinctoria

The plant starts out as a rosette of slightly blue green oblong to lance shaped leaves close to the ground. The leaves can be anywhere from one to seven inches long and up to 1 ½ inches wide. In early spring of the second year the plant sends strong stalks with smaller leaves along each branching stem. The stalks can reach up to 3 ½ feet tall, but most commonly are around 2 ½ feet. These many branched stems are topped by a multitude of small rounded clusters of bright yellow flowers. Each flower itself is tiny with four small petals and are arranged in small rounded racemes that form a large panicle that both native and honey bees adore. The flowers are produced in early to mid spring (early May in zone 6) and last for several weeks. The flowers are followed by long seeds which turn black as they ripen. They tend to stay on the plant so cutting it down at this point will prevent the seeds from spreading.

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