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Ixeris Sonchifolia, Broadleaf Forbs Seed, Ku Mai Cai

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Ixeris Sonchifolia < 苦荬菜 Ku Mai Cai >
Common Name: Broadleaf Forbs

Family: Asteraceae
Binomial name: Ixeris Sonchifolia

Herbs, annual or perennial, often rosulate. Stems ± erect, sometimes also long creeping and with erect flowering branches. Synflorescence usually corymbiform. Capitula with (12-)15-25(-40) florets. Involucre cylindric to narrowly campanulate. Phyllaries in several series, glabrous; outer phyllaries several, longest 1/4-1/2 as long as inner ones; inner phyllaries usually 8, linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, equal in length, glabrous, margin usually scarious. Receptacle naked. Florets yellow, rarely whitish or purplish. Achene brown, ± fusiform, not compressed, with 10 (5 main ribs alternating with 5 ± equal secondary ribs) very prominent ± winglike ribs, space between ribs narrowly V- or U-shaped, apex contracted or attenuate into a filiform or slender beak. Pappus white, bristles scabrid.

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The Ixeris Sonchifolia, Broadleaf Forbs Seed, Ku Mai Cai is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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