Lagenaria Siceraria, Bottle Gourd Seed, Common Calabash Hu Zi Gua

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Lagenaria Siceraria, Bottle Gourd Seed, Common Calabash Hu Zi Gua

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Lagenaria Siceraria < 瓠子瓜 Hu Zi Gua >
Common Name: Bottle Gourd, Common Calabash, White-flowered Gourd, Long Melon, New Guinea Bean, Tasmania Bean, Calabash Gourds

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Binomial name: Lagenaria Siceraria

Vigorous annual herb. Stems prostrate or climbing, angular, ribbed, thick, brittle, softly hairy, up to 5 m long, cut stems exude no sap. Leaves simple, up to 400 mm long and 400 mm broad, shortly and softly hairy, broadly egg-, kidney-or heart-shaped in outline, undivided, angular or faintly 3-7-lobed, lobes rounded, margins shallowly toothed, crushed leaves non-aromatic. Leaf stalks up to 300 mm long, thick, often hollow, densely hairy, with two small, lateral glands inserted at the leaf base. Tendrils split in two. FlowerFlowers stalked (female flower stalks shorter than male), solitary, monoecious (male and female flowers on the same plant); petals 5, crisped, cream or white with darker veins, pale yellow at the base, obovate, up to 45 mm long ., opening in the evenings, soon wilting Fruit large, variable, up to 800 x 200 mm, subglobose to cylindrical, flask-shaped or globose with a constriction above the middle; fleshy, densely hairy to ultimately glabrous, indehiscent, green, maturing yellowish or pale brown, pulp drying out completely on ripening, leaving a thick, hard, hollow shell with almost nothing inside except the seeds.

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