Lavatera Trimestris, Annual Mallow Seed, Rose Mallow Hua Kui

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Lavatera Trimestris, Annual Mallow Seed, Rose Mallow Hua Kui

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Lavatera Trimestris < 花葵 Hua Kui >
Common Name: Annual Mallow, Rose Mallow, Royal Mallow, Regal Mallow, Common Annual Tree Mallow
Family: Malvaceae
Binomial name: Lavatera Trimestris

Lavatera trimestris, common names annual mallow, rose mallow, royal mallow, regal mallow, common annual tree mallow syn. Althaea trimestris is a species of flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region. It is an annual growing to 120 cm (47 in) tall by 45 cm (18 in) wide, producing shallow funnel-shaped flowers in summer, in shades of white and pink, with maroon centres and maroon veining on the petals. Numerous cultivars have been developed for garden use, all of which are annuals to be sown in spring for flowering the same year. The cultivar 'Silver Cup' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Mallow is a fun and easy to grow member of the Hibiscus plant family. Mallow plants are really perennials. But, they are usually grown as annuals. The flower blooms resemble hollyhocks, and are 2 inches across, in pink or white colors. The leaves are heart-shaped. Large leaves at the bottom of the plant, gradually give way to smaller leaves, higher up the stem. Mallow flowers attract butterflies.

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