Leonurus Artemisia, Motherwort Chinese Seed, Yi Mu Cao

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Leonurus Artemisia, Motherwort Chinese Seed, Yi Mu Cao

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Leonurus Artemisia < 益母草 Yi Mu Cao >
Common Name: Motherwort Chinese

Family: Lamiaceae
Binomial name: Leonurus Artemisia

The plant grows to 2-3 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide. It is easy to grow in average to poor garden soil, with minimal water, and prefers full sun but will do fine in part shade. It thrives best in rich, warm, moist loamy soil. Many white to pinkish-purple flowers bloom in July through September on single flower stalks, though in very warm climates it will flower in April through May and complete its life cycle before the peak of hot weather occurs. Seeds generally ripen from August to September. For propagation, seed is harvested from plants in mid-autumn after seed has ripened. Plants are easy to grow and will sometimes self-sow if left to go to seed in the garden. Plant seeds about 1/2 inch deep directly in the ground in early spring and they will germinate in about 10-15 days.

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