Liquidambar Formosana, Chinese Sweet Gum Seed, Feng Xiang

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Liquidambar Formosana, Chinese Sweet Gum Seed, Feng Xiang

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Liquidambar Formosana < 枫香 Feng Xiang >
Common Name: Chinese Sweet Gum, Formosan Gum

Family: Altingiaceae
Binomial name: Liquidambar Formosana

Liquidambar formosana, commonly known as the Chinese sweet gum or Formosan gum, is a species of tree in the family Altingiaceae native to East Asia. Liquidambar formosana is a large, native, deciduous tree that grows up to 30-40m tall. The leaves are 10~15 cm wide., and are three-lobed unlike five- to seven-lobed leaves of most American Liquidambar species. The foliage of the L. formosana turns a very attractive red color in autumn. Leaves grow in an alternate arrangement, and are simple, palmately-veined, with serrated margins. Roots can be aggressive and branches are usually covered with corky projections. The individual flowers of L. formosana are monoecious. However, both sexes can be found in the same plant. Male flowers are in catkins, female flowers form dense spherical heads, and the fruit is burr-like because of the persistent styles.

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