Livingstone Daisy, Ice Plant Seed, Meili Ri Zhong Hua

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Livingstone Daisy, Ice Plant Seed, Meili Ri Zhong Hua

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Mesembryanthemum Spectabile < 美丽日中花 Mei Li Ri Zhong Hua >
Common Name: Livingstone Daisy, Ice Plant, Iceplant, Lampranthus Spectabilis

Family: Aizoaceae
Binomial name: Mesembryanthemum Spectabile

Ice plant is a succulent - meaning it has thick leaves that are watery inside - with daisy-like flowers. It's a good ground cover for hot, dry areas. While it should be listed on our succulent page, theMunicipal Water Users Association lists it in their groundcover booklet. Therefore we will list it on our groundcover page.
Ice plant belongs to the genus, Lampranthus. Lampranthus is a fairly large genus of about 150 species coming from South Africa. Lampranthus contains some of the most beautiful bright flowers of the succulent world, and it is widely used as ground cover, either as an annual or perennial. Several species are commonly used for landscaping in Arizona and vary from shrubby to trailing, and they vary as to the length of their flowering period. All the different species tend to become woody as they get older.

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