Luffa Cylindrica, Luffa Aegyptiaca Seed, Vietnamese Luffa Sigua

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Luffa Cylindrica, Luffa Aegyptiaca Seed, Vietnamese Luffa Sigua

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Luffa Aegyptiaca < 丝瓜 Si Gua >
Common Name: Luffa Cylindrica, Vietnamese Luffa, Sponge Gourd, Egyptian Cucumber, Dishrag Gourd, Rag Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Vegetable-sponge, Smooth Luffa

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Binomial name: Luffa Aegyptiaca

Growing luffa plants requires a certain amount of patience. It's not a typical garden plant. It grows for a longer time than most gourds. Sometimes the seeds can be slow to germinate. Luffa is a hot weather plant and growth slows in cool weather. The flowers appear over an extended period of time blooming sequentially as the vine progresses. The vines can grow 30 feet (10m) long over the course of a growing season. Once the fruits form it may take a long time to fully develop fiber and dry for harvest. Then the work of picking, peeling, and cleaning happens late in the year. Luffa requires about 150 to 200 or more warm frost free days, depending on the location and variety grown. It needs lots of sun, warmth, water, good root nutrients, and a large strong trellis. The vines will grow on the ground on a well drained weed-free flat surface but tend to produce curved loofahs.

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