Mahonia Fortunei, Chinese Mahonia Seed, Shi Da Gonglao

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Mahonia Fortunei, Chinese Mahonia Seed, Shi Da Gonglao

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Mahonia Fortunei < 十大功劳 Shi Da Gong Lao >
Common Name: Chinese Mahonia, Fortune's Mahonia, Holly Grape

Family: Berberidaceae
Binomial name: Mahonia Fortunei

This is an evergreen shrub that usually grows up to 2 meters tall, but sometimes reaches 4 meters. It is upright, spreading, and somewhat rounded. It has a slow to moderate rate of growth and a moderate density. The leaves are odd-pinnately compound and alternately arranged. They are dull to dark green on top and pale yellowish green on the undersides. The blades measure up to 28 centimeters long by 18 wide. The foliage is borne in bunches at the stem tips. The inflorescence is a raceme with 4 to 10 fascicles of yellow flowers. The flowers have a sweet scent and are insect-pollinated. The fruit is a rounded purple-blue berry about half a centimeter long. The fruit is edible and acidic in flavor but it has numerous seeds. It can be eaten cooked or raw and contains a good amount of vitamin C.

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