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Nicotiana Alata, Winged Tobacco Seed, Tanbaku Hua Yancao

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Nicotiana Alata < 花烟草 Hua Yan Cao >
Common Name: Winged Tobacco, Jasmine Tobacco, Tanbaku, Persian Tobacco, Ornamental Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco
Family: Solanaceae
Binomial name: Nicotiana Alata

Nicotiana alata is a species of tobacco. It is called jasmine tobacco, sweet tobacco, winged tobacco, tanbaku, and sometimes Persian tobacco, though the latter name is also used for Nicotiana persica. Nicotiana alata is usually grown as an annual, flowering well in its first year, but it does survive mild winters outdoors. Nicotiana alata is tender perennial that is often grown as annual. This species of flowering tobacco is a somewhat spindly plant that typically grows 90-120cm (36-48 inch) tall and features nocturnally fragrant, long-tubed, yellowish-green to white flowers that open only at night. Spatulate basal leaves to 30cm (12 inch) long are attached by distinctive winged petioles. Upper stem leaves are much smaller and sessile. The branched flower stalks produces white flowers that release their intense fragrance when they open at night. It has bigger flowers than other tobaccos do, about 8cm (3 inch). It is a species of tobacco which is grown as an ornamental plant for both elegant looking and beautiful scent. Nicotiana alata is now available in a wide range of varieties and hybrids. Most of the popular cultivated varieties of ornamental Nicotiana are developed from this plant.

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