Ophiopogon Japonicus, Mondo Grass Seed, Fountain Plant Mai Dong

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Ophiopogon Japonicus, Mondo Grass Seed, Fountain Plant Mai Dong

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Ophiopogon Japonicus < 麦冬 Mai Dong >
Common Name: Mondo Grass, Fountain Plant, Monkey Grass

Family: Asparagaceae
Binomial name: Ophiopogon Japonicus

Ophiopogon japonicus (Mondo grass, Fountain plant, Monkey grass. It is an evergreen, sod-forming perennial plant. The leaves are linear, 20-40 cm long. The flowers are white through pale lilac, borne in short racemes on the 5-10 cm stem. The result is a blue berry 5mm diameter. Underground, this species has large tuberous roots with stolens. It is grown as an ornamental plant, providing an excellent groundcover. Several cultivars have been selected, including 'Albus' (white flowers), 'Compactus' and 'Kyoto Dwarf' (dwarf forms, not over 4-5 cm tall), and 'Silver Mist' (variegated, with white-striped leaves) . It is often sold as a decorative plant for freshwater aquaria, but because it is not a true aquatic plant, it can live for a few months before it dies underwater. While hardy to temperatures of about -20 ° C When dormant in winter outdoors in normal soil, When kept fully submerged it requires water temperatures of 18-25 ° C. It grows well in full sun or partial shade. Propagation is from side shoots.

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