Panax Quinquefolius, American Ginseng Seed, Xiyangshen

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Panax Quinquefolius, American Ginseng Seed, Xiyangshen

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Panax Quinquefolius < 西洋参 Xi Yang Shen >
Common Name: American Ginseng Seed, Occidental Ginseng, Panacis Quinquefolis, Canadian Ginseng

Family: Araliaceae
Binomial name: Panax Quinquefolius

American ginseng thrives in 75% shade, and even shadier locations in the southern limits of its range. Clear-cutting of virgin forests and over-harvesting have drastically reduced the size of wild populations. Although American ginseng cannot change its sex like dwarf ginseng, it can modify its gender through varying ratios of flowers with one or two ovules. In general, the larger and older plants that are able to mature more seeds can be viewed as more female. The flowers are adapted to cross-pollination through different maturation times of the male and female parts of the flower. Soon after the petals separate, the anthers mature and release pollen, prior to the stigmatic lobes separating and becoming receptive. Both wild and cultivated plants of American ginseng are visited by a wide variety of insects, but a few species of small bees are the most important pollinators. The attractive fruits are probably dispersed by animals.

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