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Patrinia Scabiosifolia, Golden Lace Seed, Huanghua Bai Jiang

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Buy Herbal Seeds Patrinia Scabiosifolia, Golden Lace Seed, Golden Valerian Scabious Patrinia Huanghua Bai Jiang. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>

Patrinia Scabiosifolia < 黄花败酱 Huang Hua Bai Jiang >
Common Name: Golden Lace, Golden Valerian, Scabious Patrinia 

Family: Caprifoliaceae
Binomial name: Patrinia Scabiosifolia

Patrinia is a genus of herbaceous plants in the honeysuckle family. There are about 17 species native to grassy mountain habitats in China, Siberia and Japan. These are unassuming clump-forming perennial plants having thin, erect stems with few leaves and bearing a terminal inflorescence with yellow or white flowers. The use for this plant is to provide a flower through long hot summers. This is a very beautiful and trouble-free plant for open sunny dry areas. The blooming period starts in July and continues past mid August. It displays a multitude of small golden yellow scented flowers on 3-4' stalks. With some extra water during dry periods, it may grow another foot without it falling over. We never give Patrinia any fertilizer. Many kinds of insects frequent these flowers and I have counted at least 6 different types of bees on a single umbel. A stout plant, Golden valerian holds up against strong winds and the dried flowers are stunning in contrast to snow.

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