Phleum Pratense, Timothy-grass Seed, Timothy Meadow Mao Wei Cao

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Phleum Pratense, Timothy-grass Seed, Timothy Meadow Mao Wei Cao

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Phleum Pratense < 猫尾草 Mao Wei Cao >
Common Name: Timothy-grass, Timothy, Meadow Cat's-tail, Common Cat's Tail

Family: Poaceae
Binomial name: Phleum Pratense

Timothy-grass (Phleum pratense), is an abundant perennial grass native to most of Europe except for the Mediterranean region. It is also known simply as timothy, or as meadow cat's-tail or common cat's tail. It is one of the Phleum genus, consisting of about 15 species of annual and perennial grasses. It grows to 19–59 inches tall, with leaves up to 17 inches long and ½ inch broad. The leaves are hairless,rolled rather than folded, and the lower sheaths turn dark brown. It has no stolons or rhizomes, and no auricles. The flowerhead is 2¾–6 inches long and ¼–½ inches broad, with densely packed spikelets. It flowers from June until September. The stamen are pink. The ligule is short and blunt. It grows well in heavy soil, and is noted for its resistance to cold and drought, and thus ability to grow in dry upland or poor sandy soils. In pasture it tends to be overwhelmed by more competitive grasses. After cutting it grows slowly.

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