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Podocarpus Nagi, Nageia Nagi Seed, Asian Bayberry Zhu Bai

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Podocarpus Nagi < 竹柏 Zhu Bai >
Common Name: Nageia Nagi, Asian Bayberry

Family: Podocarpaceae
Binomial name: Podocarpus Nagi

It is a hardy tree species, which means that it can withstand a range of weather conditions, but prefers moist sites that are well draining and full sunlight to light shade. Being from the Podocarpaceae family, Nageia nagi is a dioecious tree. Nageia nagi has an average height to fifteen to twenty meters tall and it is relatively slow growing. The leaves are a glossy lancolate shape, they arrange themselves sub opposite on the branches. They range from two to eight inches long and 0.75 to 2.5 inches wide and lack a mid-vein, the principle vein in the middle of the leaf. The new leaves are a light green and as they age they become dark green and glossy. The branches also start out as green but as they age they become reddish brown and peel in small layers.

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