Scutellaria Barbata, Barbed Skullcap Seed, Ban Zhi Lian

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Scutellaria Barbata, Barbed Skullcap Seed, Ban Zhi Lian

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Scutellaria Barbata < 半枝莲 Ban Zhi Lian >
Common Name: Barbed Skullcap, Bearded Scutellaria

Family: Lamiaceae
Binomial name: Scutellaria Barbata

Scutellaria barbata is native to China, Japan and Korea, and is primarily found in fertile, moist areas along the margins of rice paddy fields and along the edges of streams and wetlands. The herb has been the subject of much modern research for its use in the treatment of chronic hepatitis and some cancers. The leaves of the plant have historically been used for food. In this case, young shoots are gathered in early spring, pickled in salt, and stored for winter use. This perennial herbaceous plant forms a low growing mound about 6 inches tall, spreading by rhizomes. It prefers part shade, but can also grow in full sun, and requires moist soil. It is hardy to USDA zone 7. Showy, purplish-blue flowers grow on small stalks, blooming from May to July. The seed ripens from June to August when it can be gathered and planted, though left alone, the plant will self sow easily.

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